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Meet Marcia Miller!

Your Instructor

Marcia is a subject matter expert in the area of Elder Care. She owns and operates Serenity Adult Family Care Home, a 5-bed facility in East Orlando. She also operates a new memory care unit, Your Sanctuary Assisted Living. As your instructor, you will have access to the many years of experience and connections to facilitate your success.

There is a comparatively small sector of individuals who attract and build connections, trust, and relationships with partner organizations, grassroots communities both internal and external to an organization as well as inspire change in the communities that they serve. Marcia Miller is one of those people driving results – through collaboration, partnerships, and relationships by serving the community of elder care providers serving seniors in a residential setting. With a passionate and sincere approach, Marcia’s commitment to excellence in service delivery, benefits not only the residents served but her peers as well.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, challenge, and support tomorrow’s Assisted Living and Adult Family Care Home Providers serving in a residential setting.


Our Vision

To change the landscape of senior care NATIONWIDE from an institutional approach to a person centered one.

Our Curriculum

With combined experience in excess of 25 years, our Trainers are subject matter experts in their chosen field. Their expertise offers you a FRONT ROW SEAT into the inner workings of a private home facility.

Business Plan Development

First things first.. STEP ONE.…Did you write your business plan.. whether you are already operating or starting… YOU NEED A BUSINESS PLAN.

Facility Branding

DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.. Create your own BRAND…You will learn how to make your facility stand out from the rest

Health Assessment

The Administrative side of your business can be daunting. Our  Mentors will discuss ‘HOW’ to simplify your process.

Digital Marketing

It’s 2020. If you don’t have a DIGITAL FOOTPRINT, you are losing business. We will discuss all social media platforms, the pros and cons.


Learn how to confidently build real friendships. Not “WORK A ROOM” Networking should be symbiotic and effortless.


Your Trainer will help you discover your WHY and your WHO.. This determines value.

Mastering the tour

This is the MOST IMPORTANT and often overlooked aspect of owning a facility. Our trainers will show you how to confidently master a tour of your home.

Placement Companies Do's & Don'ts

Like everything else there are good ones and great ones. At the end of our time will discuss how to work with them


No man  is an Island. Developing and maintaining PARTNERS are critical to your success.. Lets talk about it.


During the training you will understand the importance of prioritizing your employees first and customers second (“Richard Branson”). This can make or break your business.

Learn From The Comfort of Home!

Online Training

As an entrepreneur, you set the pace, you call the shots, and it begins here. Learning from the comfort of your own home limits distractions. Managing your time well BEGINS HERE. WORKING REMOTELY.

Assisted Living Entrepreneurs Beginners Training




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